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Welcome to the SquareRigger

Please take a look around and explore the various
rigging jobs and sailing voyages I have been lucky
enough to have been involved with over the years.

For over 35 years, I have been a rigger, sailor, and  
admirer of traditional yachts, square rigged replica and
historic sailing ships.  During this time, I have learned
from some wonderful shipmates.  Even a couple of old
Shellbacks, who have sailed around the Horn under
square-rig have passed on a few of their rigging tricks to

Whether if it is a wire splice for your yacht or a rigging
restoration of an historic sailing ship, I would be very
pleased to offer any assistance or support for your

Use the links to navigate through the site and please
drop me an email with any questions or comments.
Jamie White,
The Squarerigger
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